Weather Guard

Unless otherwise specified, the exposed surfaces of all panels shall be either clear acrylic coated or factory painted GALVALUME®. GALVALUME® is a zinc-aluminum alloy coating that is applied to the base steel material. Acrylic coated GALVALUME® shall have a Coating Class AZ55 (0.55 ounces (combined total of both sides) per square foot). Factory painted GALVALUME® shall have a minimum Coating Class AZ50 (0.50 ounces (combined total of both sides) per square foot). GALVALUME® coated steel for panels shall conform to ASTM A792, Structural Quality. The 26 gauge panels shall conform to Grade 80 (80 ksi minimum yield strength).

All painted GALVALUME® shall be factory coated by a firm which coats coil products exclusively. Each side of the GALVALUME® will be coated with 0.2 mils baked-on primer before the color coating. The panel shall receive a high-performance silicon polyester finish coat on the exposed side. Thickness of the finish coat will be a nominal 1.0 mils (including the primer coat). A baked-on straight polyester wash coat will be applied on the non-exposed side. Thickness of the wash coat will be a nominal 0.5 mils (including the primer coat).

Specific conditions concerning each finish shall be covered in detail on the
written warranty issued, on request, with each building. Minimum roof slope – 3:12. GALVALUME® panels shall have a twenty-fi ve year limited warranty providing that GALVALUME® panels will not rupture, fail structurally, or perforate within a period twenty-five years after shipment due to exposure to normal atmospheric corrosion. The clear acrylic finish does not carry a warranty. The 26 gauge factory coated GALVALUME® panel shall have a thirty-year limited color finish warranty from peeling and cracking, and a twenty-fi ve year limited color fi nish warranty from excessive chalking and color change (fading). The wash coat does not carry a warranty.

Panel coverage will be 12” to the weather. Maximum panel length shall be 40’-0”. Panels shall be furnished square cut with a minimum roof slope of 3:12. All installations shall be in accordance with standard industry practices. Panels shall be secured to solid substrate with #10 x 1” pancake head screws at a maximum spacing of 103⁄8” on center.