Super Seam-II

1. All calculations for the properties of Super Seam II panels are calculated in accordance with the 1996 edition of the COLD-FORMED STEEL Design Manual, with 1999 supplement – published by the American
Iron and Steel Institute (AISI).
2. Ixe is for defl ection determination.
3. Sx is for bending.
4. Ma is allowable bending moment.
5. All values are for the one foot of panel width.
6. Contact Matador for wind uplift values.

Unless otherwise specified, the exposed surfaces of all panels shall be either clear acrylic coated or factory painted GALVALUME®. GALVALUME® is a zinc-aluminum alloy coating that is applied to the base steel material. Acrylic coated GALVALUME® shall have a Coating Class AZ55 (0.55 ounces (combined total of both sides) per square foot). Factory painted GALVALUME® shall have a minimum Coating Class AZ50 (0.50 ounces (combined total of both sides) per square foot). GALVALUME® coated steel for panels shall conform to ASTM A792, Structural Quality. The 24 and 22 gauge panels shall conform to Grade 50 (50 ksi minimum yield strength). All material shall be ordered to a minimum decimal thickness. Minimum
ordered thickness for coated steel products always includes the thickness of the coating.

All painted GALVALUME® shall be factory coated by a firm which coats coil products exclusively. The coater shall be responsible for ensuring color consistency, paint film hardness, and paint film thickness. Each side of the GALVALUME® will be coated with 0.2 mils baked-on primer before the color coating. The panel shall receive a KYNAR 500® Fluoropolymer finish coat on the exposed side. Thickness of the finish coat will be a nominal 1.0 mils (including the primer coat). A baked-on straight polyester wash coat will be applied on the non-exposed side. Thickness of the wash coat will be a nominal 0.5 mils (including the primer coat).

Specific conditions concerning each finish shall be covered in detail on the written warranty issued, on request, with each building. Minimum roof slope – 1/4:12. GALVALUME® panels shall have a twenty-five year limited warranty providing that GALVALUME® panels will not rupture, fail structurally, or perforate within a period twenty-five years after shipment due to exposure to normal atmospheric corrosion. The clear acrylic finish does not carry a warranty. The factory coated GALVALUME® panel shall have a thirty-year limited color finish warranty from excessive chalking and color change (fading), peeling and cracking. The wash coat does not carry a warranty.

Panel coverage will be 24” to the weather and shall be seamed manually utilizing a “snap-lock” design. Additional machine seaming is not required. A factory applied bead of hot melt mastic shall be placed in the female side of the corrugation. Maximum panel length shall be 45’-0”.

Where endlaps are required, they shall be 3” and shall occur uphill of a purlin. Super Seam-II roof panels are a part of a roof system. All of the components of the roof system (clips, end dams or ridge channels, backup plates, etc.) must be factory furnished for any warranty or uplift considerations. All roof systems shall be installed in accordance with the Matador Erection Manual. This
roof panel may be installed in accordance with several different construction numbers, all of which meet the requirements of Underwriter’s Laboratories standard UL 580 Class 90 for uplift resistance. Contact your salesperson for additional information. Panels shall be secured to intermediate framing members with clips at each purlin. Panels shall be furnished square cut.