* Fy is 80-ksi reduced to 60-ksi in accordance with the 2007 edition of the North American Specifi cation For
Design Of Cold-Formed Steel Structural Members – A2.3.2.

1. All section properties are calculated in accordance with the 2007 edition of the North American
Specifi cation For Design Of Cold-Formed Steel Structural Members.
2. Ix is for defl ection determination.
3. Mx is allowable bending moment.

Unless otherwise specifi ed, the exposed surfaces of all panels shall be either clear acrylic coated GALVALUME®, Chem-Treated G90 galvanized, factory painted
G60 galvanized, or factory painted AZ50 Galvalume®. GALVALUME® is a 55% aluminum-zinc alloy-coated steel material. Acrylic coated GALVALUME® shall have
a Coating Class AZ55. Galvanized is a zinc-coated steel material. Chem-treated galvanized shall have a Coating Designation G90. Factory painted galvanized shall
have a Coating Designation G60 or G90. Panels shall conform to ASTM A653, Structural Steel.

All painted panels shall be factory coated by a fi rm which coats coil products exclusively. The coater shall be responsible for ensuring color consistency, paint film hardness, and paint fi lm thickness. Each side of the panel will be coated with 0.2 mils baked-on primer before the color coating. The 29 and 26 gauge panels shall receive a baked-on silicone polyester fi nish coat on the exposed side. Thickness of the fi nish coat will be a nominal 1.0 mils (including the primer coat). A baked-on straight polyester wash coat will be applied on the non-exposed side. Thickness of the wash coat will be a nominal 0.5 mils (including the primer coat).

Specific conditions concerning each finish shall be covered in detail on the written warranty issued, on request, with each order. Minimum roof slope – 3:12 (where snow load controls) and ½:12 for other areas. GALVALUME® panels shall have a twenty-five year limited warranty providing that GALVALUME® panels will not rupture, fail structurally, or perforate within a period twenty-five years after shipment due to exposure to normal atmospheric corrosion. The clear acrylic finish does not carry a warranty. The 29 and 26 gauge factory painted Galvanized panel shall have a thirty-year limited color fi nish warranty from peeling and cracking, and a twenty-five year limited color finish warranty from excessive chalking and color change (fading). The wash coat does not carry a warranty.

Panel coverage will be 36” to the weather. Maximum panel length shall be 40’-0”. Where endlaps are required, they shall be a minimum of 6” and shall occur at a purlin or girt.

Panels shall be furnished square cut. Wall panels must not rest on the concrete foundation; the panel must sit 1/8” above the concrete. All installations shall be in accordance with standard industry practices. Before securing, all laps of roof panels shall be sealed with a continuous ribbon of tape sealant. A closure strip shall be installed at the eave. Panels shall be secured to intermediate framing members with screws at a maximum spacing of 9” on center. At endlaps, the maximum screw spacing shall be 6” on center (one on each side of the major rib).