Matador Metal Building Erection

Has your metal building manufacturer designed buildings proven to withstand 170 mph winds? Matador Engineered Metal Buildings has.

Does your metal building manufacturer protect against the weight of heavy snowfall by only using lower gauge (thicker) Galvalume™ steel? Matador Engineered Metal Buildings does.

Will your metal building manufacturer give you a 25-year warranty against rupturing, perforation, or structural failure? Matador Engineered Metal Buildings will.

When it comes to strength and resilience, steel-frame buildings are the best choice for your construction project. Metal buildings hold up when facing off against the elements: high winds, scorching heat, pounding hail, baking sun, freezing temperatures, blowing and drifting snow, and beyond.

In the wake of major devastating natural disasters like Hurricane Katrina, engineers have made resistance to high winds a priority when designing steel buildings. Matador embraces the latest advances in the science of structural integrity. You will see this in the way that we provide extra reinforcement at wall junctures, roof edges, and other areas most vulnerable to wind damage. If you look at our design plans, you will see right away how all of our components fit together to give you maximum strength.

And we guarantee each and every metal building we produce. Our building components are all prefabricated at our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility. This assures you of 100 percent consistency and means that we can provide quality assurance unmatched by any other metal building manufacturer in the industry. We only use Galvalume™ steel. Galvalume™ is steel coated with a metal alloy that is 45 percent zinc and 55 percent aluminum. It resists corrosion even better than galvanized steel does. This cutting-edge material is on the front line of the metal building industry.

With Matador, you know you can depend on our steel framing. What about the rest of the parts of our prefabricated metal buildings? We’re glad you asked. Our frames are made out of 100 percent lower gauge steel but they are held together by screws made of a zinc alloy—the best material for use in this application. The heads of our roof fasteners are comprised of a zinc and aluminum alloy and of the highest quality.

You may still be considering constructing your building out of wood. What about wood? Is it a strong building material? Why is metal superior to wood when it comes to structural integrity? First of all, buildings made of steel won’t decay or foster mold growth the way buildings made out of wood will. Nor does steel rot, crack, or warp the way wood does when faced with temperature or moisture fluctuations. Steel is made out of noncombustible material. And with steel, you won’t have to worry about termites eating away at your building’s framework. Plus, steel also has a greater strength/weight ratio than wood. Steel is produced in a mill according to exacting quality standards, guaranteeing that it will be a more dependable and consistent material than wood. If you’re deciding between a woodworking outfit and a metal building manufacturer, the choice is clear.

You will also find that steel is superior to wood when it comes to maintenance, and this will save you time and money in the long run. Buildings made of wood require new paint jobs every few years. On the other hand, all of the steel components that comprise the different parts of our buildings—the walls, the roof, the gutters and the downspouts—can be coated with a finish that comes in a variety of colors right at the factory. And these parts won’t need to be refinished for 30-40 years or longer!

It’s clear that steel is the answer. It is long-lasting, built to handle all climates and weather conditions, and won’t let you down.

When you’re deciding which metal building manufacturer to go with for your garage, barn, rec center, riding arena, church annex, storage facility, or workshop, why not go with the best? At Matador, our buildings are made to last. We want to be the first company that comes to mind when you think of a metal building manufacturer. We’re ready to anticipate your home and business needs and then exceed your expectations every step of the way. Give us a call and let our team show you what we can do for you!