Steel structure warehouse facility

Matador Metal Buildings has a demonstrated track record of successfully completing complex contracting projects for the U.S. government, building large metal buildings on military bases. We are pleased to be able to offer our high-quality small and large metal buildings and top-notch design and customer service expertise to the general public.

The armed services demand a high level of quality when it comes to design, execution, and components. You can rest assured that Matador has already passed that test. The fact that steel buildings are the structure of choice for the U.S. military speaks volumes about their sturdiness and dependability, not to mention their versatility. We have a long history of constructing the large metal buildings used as the storage, repair, and maintenance facilities for vehicles, including airplane hangars. (Since an airplane is such a large investment, you really will want to makes sure that you protect it from the elements!) Need something smaller than an airplane hangar? We can handle that too, of course!

Think of the multitude of needs that a military base must accommodate, and you will have an idea of just how essential large metal buildings are to the Department of Defense. Military bases often house thousands of personnel along with their families. That means thousands of residences. Not only that—there are also mess halls, hospitals, recreational facilities, training facilities, administrative buildings, utility structures, garages, and, of course, storage buildings to house munitions and other equipment.

Since we have so much experience designing and constructing large metal buildings for the U.S. military, that means that you can count on us to serve your needs when it comes to structures requiring vast open spaces free from columns or other supports. Large metal buildings that benefit from this type of design include showrooms, auditoriums, indoor riding arenas, indoor athletic fields, and beyond.

Although we have constructed many large metal buildings we can accommodate your needs with a steel structure of any size. In fact we will be there with you through every step of the design process to make sure that you not only get a building sized just exactly the way you want it, but one that meets all of your other specifications as well. We pride ourselves on taking every design element into account and working closely with each client to make sure that every aspect of our structures is custom-made and optimized. In addition, we also make sure to design our buildings to fit the special demands of your area of the country. This means not only designing your structure so that it can meet particular state or local codes (on top of standard U.S. building codes) that have been enacted for safety reasons. It also means doing all we can to help buildings better withstand an earthquake, hurricane-force winds, or sustained heavy snowfall.

Among the many benefits of a steel building (beyond durability, energy efficiency, and so much more) is the ease with which an existing metal structure can be modified or expanded with an add-on. We can meet many different design needs whether you want a building that is a basic square or rectangular shape, one that is U-shaped or L-shaped, or another entirely unique layout. When it comes to versatility, metal buildings are incomparable. If your building needs to be repurposed in some way, due to a change in function, regulations, or codes you can make the necessary changes with ease.

We will also work closely with you to make sure that the extra design elements are to your exact specifications and liking. This includes the number and type of doors, the number and type of windows, the aesthetic appeal of necessities like gutters and downspouts, and more. You can choose from a wide variety of color combinations as well. If you are interested in specialty design elements such as hip roofs or skylights to bring natural light into your structure (and thereby save on energy costs) we can do that too!

We want you to be pleased with your steel structure and the process of designing it from start to finish. Whether it’s one of those large metal buildings that is big enough to hold a stadium-sized crowd or one that is just the perfect size for a single home-hobbyist, know that you can count on Matador Metal Buildings to meet your specific design needs.