Matador Metal Buildings got its start in the metal building industry building disaster relief housing in Haiti. Nearly ten years later our homes are still standing and providing shelter for several thousand Haitian families. Conditions in Haiti can be adverse, which is a testament to the strength and durability of Matador’s components and construction, both of which are highly-rated in the metal building industry.

Haiti sits in the Caribbean Sea on top of a major fault line, making it susceptible to both violent hurricanes and potentially destructive earthquakes. That means strong winds and unstable ground. And because of Haiti’s latitude, its climate is tropical—hot and humid for most of the year. At Matador, our engineers are at the cutting edge of the metal building industry when it comes to designing steel-framed buildings that will withstand both dramatic weather events and the day-to-day wear endured in harsh climates.

In order to fully understand the benefits that working with the metal building industry can bring to your business, it’s essential to know why steel is the best building material. Many people tend to think of wood as the go-to basic building block for homes and pole barns alike. This is only natural, if not entirely well-founded, because it is often based on tradition and what many Americans find to be most familiar in many parts of the country.

Certain problems with wood are fairly obvious and well-known. It warps and bends and rots over time, especially in tropical and subtropical climates. This is true in Haiti, of course, but it’s also true throughout much of the United States—especially in the South, which also has to contend with the damage that termites can easily do to any wooden structure.

Steel has the benefit of resistance to decay. Beyond this, those of us in the metal building industry want to make sure that we share just how earth-friendly it is. Wood, for instance, is almost always a single-use material. When a wooden structure is torn down, the lumber that went into making it is nearly always sent to a landfill or else burned—thus sending more carbon dioxide back into the atmosphere. Steel, on the other hand, is recycled more than any other material on earth. The recycling rate for steel buildings is more than 90 percent! And steel loses none of its strength, integrity, or other essential qualities when it is recycled and reused. Plus, there is very little waste produced during the construction of a building made of steel—and even this can be recycled! This is definitely not the case for projects made of wood.

It’s this mark of sustainability that makes steel construction a vital part of the green movement. Returning to Haiti, where Matador first made its mark in the metal building industry, is instructive in this regard. Haiti has been devastated by deforestation, and the adverse environmental effects of this have plagued the western portion of Hispaniola for years. Steel buildings not only don’t use up trees, they also last much longer than buildings made of wood. The structural system of a steel building can last for more than six decades!

The metal building industry is leading the charge toward going green in other ways that might not be as obvious at first glance. You can, of course, run electrical wiring to and through steel buildings and connect to an external grid. But our metal roofs are also designed to allow for clip-on solar panels, which help you embrace greater energy self-sufficiency for your home or business.

Beyond this, our metal building panels lock tightly, thus sealing out hazardous weather and giving you control over the environmental conditions inside your steel structure. In addition, we design our buildings to incorporate both fiberglass or board insulation. And you can add insulation beneath the roof of your structure if need be without removing the roof itself. You can also easily apply cool metal roof coating to repel heat and help regulate the temperature of your metal building, thus making it more pleasant inside year-round, and saving on energy costs every month of the year.

Steel is good for business and good for the planet too. At Matador, we’re leaders in the metal building industry. We want to see you enjoy the benefits of your metal building for decades to come and we’ve got the tools and the knowledge to make it happen.