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Will My Metal Building Rust Or Corrode?

All of our panels are made of Galvalume™ steel, which is designed to give you the best protection against rust and corrosion. We stand by our steel parts. That is why our panels come with a 25-year warranty against rupturing, structural failure, and perforation. In addition, we provide a 30-year color finish warranty against chalking, fading, peeling, and cracking.

There are also steps you can take to prevent rust. Changes in humidity and temperature could cause moisture to build up inside your building. If left unchecked, this may result in rusting and corrosion on the inside of your panels. If you install insulation and a vapor barrier inside your steel building, you can stop condensation from forming on your walls. Talk to our engineers about what type of insulation will be best for your building based on your climate.

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