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Are Permits Really Necessary?

Some property owners may view permits as burdensome or even intrusive. That said, we at Matador believe it is of the utmost importance that our buildings, our team, and our customers comply with local, state, and national regulations.

The main reason for this is safety. We want to make sure that everyone who uses our buildings stays safe. And we care about the well-being of everyone who works on our construction projects as well.

Proper permitting ensures that buildings comply with codes and regulations. And this is the best way to protect your structure against excessive wear and natural disasters such as earthquakes, hurricanes, and tornadoes.

We know that obtaining permits for your metal building may seem like a hassle. It may even slow down your construction process. But it is essential to comply with the laws at every level of government for the health and safety of everyone who will occupy your structure.

If you have any questions about permits, call our customer service team at 1 (888) 276-7976. We are here to help!


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