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What Kind Of Foundation Should I Choose For My Metal Building?

It is important for your building to have a good foundation. Most of our customers choose to pour a concrete slab for their foundation, which also serves as the floor for their structure. You will then attach your metal building to the foundation using anchor bolts.

If you are erecting a small building, you may decide to pour the foundation yourself. If your building is large, you will probably want to hire a local contractor to do the job for you. The plans we design for your building will indicate our recommended dimensions for your slab, including its thickness. We will also tell you how many anchor bolts you should use along with where you should place them for maximum stability.

If you are going to use your building for livestock and prefer your floor to be dirt or sawdust, then you might decide to erect your building on a pier foundation instead. In this situation, you could also choose to pour a concrete perimeter footing and then attach your concrete piers to it.

You can ask our design engineers about the best foundation options for you based on your building’s function and location.

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