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As A Home-Hobbyist, Could I Erect My Matador Metal Building Myself?

Erecting a small metal building can be a fun challenge for a home-hobbyist. You can take pride in knowing that you built your shed or barn yourself. But we also know that this path is not perfect for everyone.

Once we design your building to meet your specifications, we, of course, send you all of the components. We also include detailed blueprints and assembly instructions that are easy to follow. But if you have never undertaken a project like this before, you may want to hire a contractor to construct your building for you.

Even if you are confident that you can assemble the metal framework and attach the roof and wall panels yourself, you may still want to hire a contractor to handle other parts of the job. For example, you may choose to have a contractor pour your foundation, or hire an electrician to run wiring to your structure.

If you are not sure about your level of expertise or lack confidence, talk to a member of our engineering team. Matador will be happy to help you assess your ability to tackle a metal building project on your own.

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