How about Erecting Steel Buildings in Remote Areas?

How about Erecting Steel Buildings in Remote Areas?

When you think of a steel building, maybe the first thing that comes to your mind is a factory or some other industrial building. Maybe you think of a storage unit, or some other type of commercial building. And you wouldn’t be off the mark—steel buildings are great for those types of structures, and, as a result, they are often found in urban and industrial areas.

But what might not be as well known, is that steel buildings are also excellent for rural areas, even those that are very remote and can sometimes be difficult to reach. At Matador, we have a proven track record of not only designing steel structures for use on U.S. military bases, but also providing metal buildings to the people of Haiti as a part of the disaster relief effort following the 2010 earthquake there. If you consider the infrastructural challenges that the terrain in Haiti presents, you will get a good idea of the advantages of steel buildings in underserved and hard-to-reach areas.

Let’s examine just a few of the reasons why prefabricated steel buildings are a great choice for those who live and work in remote areas.

Prefabricated steel building components are made to be transported: You will likely weigh lots of factors when trying to decide what you should use to construct any building that you need for your farm or other business. If you live in a remote area, ease of transport for materials and overall accessibility are probably near the top of the list of your considerations. We’ve got good news: prefabricated steel buildings are the perfect solution for you!

When you work with Matador to engineer the steel building that best meets your needs, we make all of the components to your exact specifications in our facility. We then package them in bundles that are specially designed for shipment. They then arrive at your erection site ready to be offloaded and assembled.

Prefabricated steel building kits come to you with all of their parts: Think of some of the construction projects you have undertaken in the past. Maybe you ran out of mortar right in the middle of a masonry job and had to mix more. Or maybe you didn’t buy enough nails and had to stop working until you got an additional supply. With our prefabricated steel buildings, that simply won’t happen. All of the parts—the beams, the panels, the bolts, the screws—they all come with the kit that is specifically designed for you and your project. This is the case with all of our buildings, of course, but we understand how incredibly important this is for our customers who are constructing steel buildings in remote areas. After all, there might not be a hardware store just down the street from your building site—or even within 100 miles of it. But a prefabricated steel building kit gives you the security of knowing that all of the pieces are already there when you begin your construction project.

And because the steel beams and the metal panels arrive at your work site already properly-sized, you don’t have to worry about cutting and welding. This means less waste—less waste for you to have to haul away from the site or store on-site because of the high cost of removing unneeded materials from a remote location.

Steel buildings are versatile: Sometimes buildings in remote areas are multi-purpose structures. They often have to be due to the nature of their location. When stores and other supply centers are far away, you have to be resourceful. The good news is that you can be involved in every stage of the design process of your steel building. Let your design accommodate you. Consider prefabricated steel buildings to be the answer to all of your structural needs.

Steel buildings are great for a range of agricultural uses. You can use a steel building to store grain, hay, or straw. Steel buildings also make excellent horse stables and can house all other kinds of livestock. You would do yourself a great service to use a steel building to store your tools and other farming equipment as well, such as tractors, mowers, and combines. Steel buildings also make great riding arenas, so why not use a steel building to host your rodeo or other equestrian competition?

In addition to being used on farms and ranches, steel buildings make great housing and storage facilities for remote mining and construction projects. They can even meet the special needs of a place like Alaska, which has many remote and difficult-to-reach settlements and work camps. Steel structures make excellent dog kennels for mushers who need to house sled dogs. Steel hangars are also an option for places where air travel is often the best (or only) way to travel to certain locations.

Your steel building will be made to last: A structure’s durability is extremely important to anyone regardless of the landscape where they are based. But for farmers, ranchers, miners, and others who work in remote, rural areas, having a reliable structure is absolutely essential. This includes maintenance worries. For example, the roof of your steel building will last for 40 years or more. Compare that to a building with asphalt shingles, that might only last half as long, and you can see why steel has the edge. You don’t want to have to worry about hauling in tons of supplies to a work site periodically just to keep your basecamp up and running.

Steel is the most cost-effective solution to all of your structural needs: We know that the farther away you get from town, the higher costs get. If you take all of the advantages of steel construction we have listed here into account, we know you will see that steel is the wisest economic choice for your farm, ranch, mine, work camp, or construction site.

At Matador Engineered Metal Buildings, your needs are our first priority. We want you to be happy with your steel building no matter where you live and work. Our design team will make sure that we take everything into account as we plan out your future building with you. Call us and let us show you how.