Could I Live in a Home Made of Steel?

Could I Live in a Home Made of Steel?

It has long been said that home ownership is the American Dream. But the idea of owning a home is intimidating to some people, especially Millennials and some younger Gen Xers. For many, the cost of maintaining a home—let alone designing and building one to their own liking and specifications—is just too much to even think about.

But, have you thought about living in a home made of steel?

If you haven’t, maybe you should.

Rethink your idea of “home”

To some extent, owning a home seems scary to younger people because their ideas of homeownership are locked up in the way homes were designed and built for their parents and grandparents. Maybe you had to witness asphalt shingles getting pulled off of your parents’ leaky roof. Maybe you watched your grandparents repaint old wooden shingles one too many times. Or, possibly, you once lived in a home that got infested with termites or some other pest.

Well, if you live in a home made of steel, then you can avoid all of those problems! And you won’t be alone.

Many people think of steel buildings as strictly industrial buildings. That’s fitting, since steel buildings do make great industrial buildings. Steel buildings also make great commercial buildings and agricultural buildings and recreational buildings and office buildings and warehouses—the truth is that steel buildings can be put to almost any use. And that most definitely includes residential buildings.

It’s also a sign of the times. Younger homeowners are bucking the path that was established by older generations. This is seen in trends such as the tiny house movement. The people embracing this movement are often concerned about being friendly to the environment and worry about making wise financial decisions.

If those are your priorities as well, then you should consider living in a home made of steel.

Join a movement that makes fiscal sense

Building your home out of steel is simply a wise economic decision, both at the start of the project and over the lifetime of your structure.

First of all, when you decide to go with steel, you don’t have to hire an architect to create the design layout for your home—you can be your own architect! Using our interactive online design tool, you can make your own floor plan, add your own accessories, and even explore color schemes. Or, as an alternative, you can speak directly with one of our design engineers who can walk you through the process. You can even pick one of our already-established designs if you just want to get the ball rolling right away. The bottom line is that when you choose a house made of steel, you will already be saving money before any of the fabrication work even begins!

Plus, when it comes time to start the actual construction work on your new home, you’ll save even more time and money. Since all of our building components are prefabricated, they will arrive at your residential work site all ready for assembly. There’s no mixing or cutting or sawing or welding to be done. Your building is ready to be built. The faster it gets done, the sooner you can move in and start enjoying your new home!

You’ll see long-term savings as well

So that’s the savings that you will see upfront. What about in the long term, over the life of your home? You’ll be pleased with that as well. If you have a traditional home, where the roof is made of asphalt shingles, you can expect to have to replace that roof every 20-30 years. A metal roof will likely last twice as long as that. The wall panels and roof panels come prefabricated to meet your design specifications. And you won’t have to paint anything. You can expect the paint on your panels to last for decades, not years. And you can forget about paying for exterminators to come and spray for termites when you build your house out of steel!

Another long-term benefit to having a prefabricated steel home is the ease with which you can add on an extension to your already-standing structure. It is much easier to attach another room or a whole new wing to your metal home than it would be to a wooden home. That’s because of the uniform nature of the underlying structural materials that you will find in steel construction. So, as your family grows, you home can grow right along with it!

Best of all, when you live in a metal home, you might be able to save on insurance as well. Since steel is a noncombustible material, and will not feed a fire, your metal home will be safer than a wooden home.

Be kinder to the earth with steel

Traditional homes, normally made of wood, are built from lumber that almost always comes from cutting down new trees. Wood is not often reused. Steel used in new construction, on the other hand, is often at least partly comprised of recycled steel. In fact, scrap steel is an essential component used in forging new steel, and steel can be recycled indefinitely.

Plus, since all of the steel components for your home will be fabricated in advance in our facility, there will be far less waste to haul away from your construction site!

Another great inherent environmental advantage of steel is that buildings with metal roofs are perfect for supporting solar panel (photovoltaic) installations. This is a great way to take advantage of a reusable energy source and save money at the same time.

Steel is an investment in your family’s well-being

At Matador Engineered Metal Buildings, we know that a home is a hugely important investment. For many people it is the largest investment they will ever make. And you want a place where you and your family can feel safe and secure. That’s why we take such great care with all of our building components. If you’re thinking of building your house out of steel call us. We can get you on the path to your dream home!