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Matador Engineered Metal Buildings is a member of the Harbor Enterprises, LLC group of companies excelling in business since 2002 as a well-known defense contractor. With an 80,000 square foot automated manufacturing facility, we are the factory. That translates to very competitive pricing and quick turnarounds for our customers. You have the opportunity to deal with someone in the factory, who’s making the decisions. There is no middle man. Considering we’ve installed over 5,000 steel structures, we have it down to an exact science. When it comes to purchasing your metal building, whether for a state-of-the-art military installation or a barn for your backyard, we boast a quick and simple four-step process.


Reach out to our in-house sales team and answer a brief questionnaire.

Our design and engineering teams price out your building.

Your building is ordered and manufactured.

Delivery and installation.

Matador Metal Buildings is a vertically integrated company. This means we offer custom solutions by working closely with architectural and engineering teams. We manufacture in-house, own our trucking line, and recommend installers wherever you are located within our 150-mile radius of Thomasville, Georgia. In addition to complete metal building kits, we offer our customers metal building components, with inventory on-hand for rapid turnaround and quick delivery.


We offer true turn-key metal building solutions, big enough for defense contracts, but are still a small family business. From the first person you speak to on the phone, to the last person to drive off your site, we promise the very best in satisfaction and customer service.

Featured Project: Hunter Army Airfield

The U.S. Army Corp. of Engineers is one of the most discerning clients a company can work with. Recently, they had a specific need for a company to provide an Engineered, climate-controlled supply facility in record time. The approximate $3 million project consisted of stringent codes and tight deadlines, however Matador answered the call and provided a solution that meets Government standards and will last for decades to come.

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